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Intelligent fingerprint lock brand YANDON built at guangzhou fair



                                                                                        Intelligent fingerprint lock brand YANDON built at guangzhou fair

  In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, smart home market also gradually into overdrive. Smart home is blossoming, let people also have a new definition to the lock, to "the concept of intelligent fingerprint lock" gradually improve.
      As is known to all, guangzhou building expo is the first large-scale household building materials fair in Asia, the total entry passengers up to 640000, regardless of the number of repeat also reached at least 130000 people. Comply with the demand of the consumer and industry development trend, this year the 18th built guangzhou bo launched intelligent fingerprint lock exhibition hall, such a big exhibition, intelligent fingerprint lock appearance will intelligent security can set off this summer.

  To build fair enterprise is numerous, but the first time YANDON is in focus. It is understood that YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock in this exhibition will present new content for everyone. Such as hot now fingerprint unlock, password peer technology and low voltage alarm, etc., is to let a person look forward to. In order to better serve customers to provide more convenient service, inti long for safety + intelligence + the thinking of science and technology, let consumer "what you see is what you need.

  Intelligent era, life has brought great convenience to people,YANDON uphold the "eternal step more than satisfied with the service spirit of" to build the most professional security intelligent lock the whole solution. Today's intelligent household has huge market potential,YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock, intelligent fingerprint lock is not only a breakthrough, more intelligent security lock industry ushered in a new era.

  Along with the development of The Times,YANDON constantly pioneering spirit, innovation, in the field of door lock hardware has always been adhering to the Swiss style seiko spy every lock, with a strong design, research and development team and abundant capital, always walk in the front of the security, fashion, digital intelligent development. So this time YANDON will appear with what kind of attitude to build fair in guangzhou? Welcome everybody being built in the 2016 guangzhou exposition on the ground (booth no. : 2.1 pavilion area A 35 4).
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