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Swiss brand YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock built in guangzhou fair



  Swiss brand YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock built in guangzhou fair
Asia building no.1, the 18th annual China (guangzhou) international building decoration fair (hereinafter referred to as guangzhou building expo) will be on July 8 to 11, 2016 in guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center, to continue adhering to the "for the construction decoration industry practitioners to provide a complete solution" concept of exhibition, the exhibition will continue to in domestic with 380000 square meters large scale exhibition scale of the same type and even in Asia!

  Each session of guangzhou to build fair is a good time to an eye-opener, from the point of the official release of exhibition information, built in 2016, guangzhou fair new opposites, overwhelmed, most shine at the moment, is still more mature intelligent products. It is understood that in the field of security, Swiss pedigrees inti lung technology will get a large number of the latest research and development of high-end intelligent fingerprint lock the exhibition for the first time, with the industry colleagues as intelligent household industry new trend, let a person look forward to.

  According to reporter understanding, the event the h.s. Dillon will (2.1 pavilion area A 35 4) set up "ORIGINALITY MANUFACTURING (original design)" theme pavilion, give priority to with the market sell like hot cakes Cadillac, dried steel, A series of careful research and design of intelligent fingerprint lock products on display, show MinYongHua cutting-edge science and technology, provide consumers with high quality, safe and convenient high-tech smart home products, leading the new trend of intelligent life.

 YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock adopts advanced Sweden import FPC semiconductor fingerprint sensor, living creature is different from ordinary optical fingerprint sensor, put an end to all cloning, do not copy, more safe and stable, fast fingerprint identification and can store 90 fingerprints. Four kinds of optional open way, fingerprint authentication, the user password, MFE card, mechanical keys, the same lock, meet the demand of family different preferences, secure and convenient.

 YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock equipped with solid structure, multiple protection and counter hack solution of door lock, prevent any external force to invade, maximize user security, and has the automatic alarm function. Equipped with the two-way stop wind, gently open the door more, through independent test 600000 times. Touch the keyboard design, as sensitive as mobile phone, as strengthened and toughened glass. 5 a battery-powered, low power automatic alarm.
Recently, the human nature and the use of high-tech intelligent wind increasingly fierce, relaxed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese intelligent household products gradually into all aspects of people's life. Inti long intelligent fingerprint lock should be potential and tabulation spirit from Switzerland, seiko spy every lock, with a strong research and development, design and abundant capital, always walk in the forefront of intelligent security, fashion, digital development.

   Guangzhou building expo 2016,YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock will bring the sense of security, let us feel the cutting-edge technology lets the home become create happiness. At the same time, on July 9, but passion ~ 18:30, guangzhou, zhejiang building, inti lung competitions self-producing big kicks off, at that time,the YANDON's old and new partners will be gathered, with inti lung development new journey in the future.
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