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YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock wealth imagination can change - will lift industry



  Intelligent household industry development in our country starts late, 2000 years ago almost blank intelligent household industry related patent applications; Begin to implement zero breakthrough after 2000. Beginning in 2009, the intelligent household industry in our country began to rapidly rising technology patent applications. Reached 135 in 2010, the number of applications, the breakthrough 100; Reached 442 in 2012, the number of applications. Thus the intelligent household industry in our country technology into the rapid development in recent years, more competitive.

  Since January 2014 Google bought for $3.2 billion after Nest company, major technology giants began in smart home, intelligent household equipment and services markets around the world in the coming years will be rapid growth, a huge cake to attract technology giants to layout.
      Smart home is iot development good industry niche, when filed a smart home, come back inside the first is in the American movies of the cool way to open the door. In general, the opening up of the most common way in American movies is fingerprint lock, this is the embodiment of intelligent fingerprint lock security. Development trend of intelligent fingerprint lock are accepted, because of its convenience, intelligence, safety features such as more and more accepted by consumers, consumers awareness is becoming more and more high.

  We have learned, in Europe and the United States and other countries, intelligent fingerprint lock penetration rate is 50%; While in South Korea, and even reached 90%, in China, the current penetration rate is only 2%. In the smart home will popularize the trend of people's lives, heralding intelligent fingerprint lock market because of the huge business opportunities. And huge business opportunity but not for all brands, according to the survey, at present, a lot of crowd of using intelligent fingerprint lock is 80, 90, after they for brand consciousness is stronger, for personalized product design, intelligent and experience, and the material has a very high quality requirements. It, for the intelligent fingerprint locks enterprises in technology and innovation will face huge challenges, and the h.s. Dillon intelligent fingerprint lock in the face of such challenges are a deliberate in so many competitors, thanks to its strong r&d design team as a solid backing.

 Built in 2016 expo will be in China on July 8-11 was developed, and the import and export fair pazhou hall inti lung to be invited to the event, this will get new stunning appearance. And comes to guangzhou on 9 July afternoon in zhejiang province building hotel held "2016 inti long dreaming about communication technology wealth", invited partners, relevant, head of investment banking, the media and heavyweight special guest, then you are sincerely invited to attend.

  The development of intelligent fingerprint lock is overwhelming, brand is the future, intelligent fingerprint lock is in the future, demand is also in the future. Inti intelligent fingerprint lock will through a joint of a smart home fashion products, with the vast number of consumers with their own wisdom strode into intelligent household life, enjoy the technology bring new experiences.

 For more inti intelligent lock information, please visit the guangzhou building expo 2.1 pavilion area A 35 4, or log in the h.s. Dillon's official website Service hotline: 400-800-8370, telephone: 400-800-8370 manager wang.