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YANDON intelligent fingerprint lock peak talk Open the future wealth



      Is only limited by less than! In the near future, when you go back to home, the door opens automatically, corridor lights light up automatically, air conditioning has been adjusted to best temperature, has opened to your favorite TV channel, bath has been prepared in advance... With the innovation and development of science and technology, the seemingly unreachable dream scenario will gradually towards the reality.
      In recent years, the "smart home" especially like a runaway horse, horse walked down, rapid development, its market potential of the industry giant, has attracted numerous enterprises bow in homage. Abroad, apple, Google, Microsoft, samsung giants such as melee, at home, ali, midea, haier, the h.s. Dillon intelligent lock each army, intelligent household into the main rivals. With the expanding of Chinese and foreign enterprises, intelligent household undercurrent.

      Authorities analysis, this year, there will be more enterprises to join the intelligent household camp, at the guangzhou fair "performances" on the top Asian stage, smart home or will a gusher. Intelligent security is the first part of smart home, also is the primary request of residents of the smart home system. In fact, as an intelligent security in the field of intelligent fingerprint lock, also obtained the rapid development in recent years. Intelligent fingerprint lock relative to the mechanical lock locks, trick lock, the induction, high safety, do not copy, memory is strong, will never be lost, anti-theft sex is strong, moreover the fingerprint lock price material benefit, and values far above the price of safety, convenience, it is the symbol of high taste life, the future will present popularization of momentum.
     International companies involved in smart home, the domestic enterprise under pressure, but at present domestic enterprises is hard skills, drilling technology, improve the core competitiveness. A reporter to interview in the process of building expo exhibitors inti long intelligent lock head Mr. J, he says, the current domestic smart home enterprises and foreign enterprises in the same starting line, some companies even in the international leading level.

      Inti lung smart locks, for example, the company introduced intelligent fingerprint lock products, adopting imported from Sweden FPC semiconductor fingerprint sensor living creature, relative to the common optical fingerprint sensor on the market, it has the characteristics of anti cloning cannot copy, greatly improve the safety protection. Fingerprint authentication, the user password, MFT card, mechanical keys, four kinds of way to open the door, the same lock, and meet the personalized needs. Equipped with solid structure, multiple protection and counter hack solution, locks and automatic alarm function, to prevent any external force invasion, maximize user security. With a good user experience and convenience, the h.s. Dillon intelligent fingerprint lock has been valued by more and more users.

  Guangzhou building expo 2016, the British Mr Dillon intelligent fingerprint lock with the latest research results of its inti lung technology will together with numerous domestic and foreign technology giants, in the new "smart home" theme pavilions deduce intelligent household new fashion. At the same time, comes to guangzhou on July 9, zhejiang building hotel, inti long dreaming about communication science and technology investment and wealth will be grand launch, activity specially invited the h.s. Dillon chairman of the board of directors and senior executives of science and technology, related, head of investment banking, higher-ups heavyweight industry, new and old partners, major Internet, newspapers, television and other media were serenading event, analyze the intelligent fingerprint lock the current development situation, discusses intelligent fingerprint lock future prospect and development situation, power intelligent household moving towards a better tomorrow.

Communication will be the agenda
The serial number time issue
The beginning of the 114-30-40 host
40-214: name of the chairman delivered a speech
314:50 - sets the investment Banks look smart in the future
View of smart home (investment Banks)
The 415-05-15:15 media look smart in the future
(media view of smart home)
515:15 - so watch industry, view of the future
45-615:16:15 inti RON marketing planning
716:15 - ticket is to have a rest
816:30 - get the h.s. Dillon product introduction
916-45-17:05 chongqing market share of actual combat
1017-05 - then intelligent lock area market operation mode
1117:45-18:30 inti long products purchasing activities
1218:30-20:00 inti long appreciation dinner

  Once the concept of smart home is just a dream difficult to achieve, and now, the rapid development of science and technology make the development of smart home industry has achieved good result. As the leading intelligent fingerprint lock brands, inti always will lead the industry development of science and technology as its mission, adhere to product innovation, adhere to the "always a little more than satisfied with the" service spirit, intelligent lock industry have similar the h.s. Dillon the guide the development of science and technology, believe in the near future, intelligent household will gradually into the myriad People's Daily life.

  For more inti intelligent lock information, please visit the guangzhou building expo 2.1 pavilion area A 35 4, or log in the h.s. Dillon's official website Service hotline: 400-800-8370, telephone: 400-800-8370 manager wang.