join investment

  • Investment conditions

    Yingdilong agents for regional city agency system; Signing qualifications are as follows:
    1、Legal business qualification: has the law required for normal operation of all kinds of certificates, licenses, such as industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate, etc.
    2、Must reach the requirements of yingdilong funding, team strength, signed within 10 days to complete the first batch of purchase money。
  • Investment policy

    1、Enjoy the h.s. Dillon level agents all treatment
    2、The first stock to support
    3、Advertising materials and marketing support
    4、Experience the shop/store construction support
    5、The agent rebate reward policy

Application form

  • Province

  • City

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • Corporate

  • Contact

  • Phone

  • E-mail

  • Learn degree

  • Main Reason

  • The overall quality of the boss

  • Main brands and sales

  • Business foundation

  • Foundation engineering business

  • The basis of its own stores

  • Quality scale business team

  • Scale installation quality team

  • Business Facilities

  • Capital strength