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If you purchase the product, use and maintenance, etc. have any questions, call the service hotline 400-800-8370 contact us. You will get a satisfactory answer detailed and thoughtful service.
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  • Daily maintenance02

(1) the h.s. Dillon intelligent lock is composed of precision mechanical and electronic chip, should avoid contact with corrosive substances in everyday use or use in high temperature and high humidity environment;
(2) when the door opened, please don't pop up the lock tongue or open in insurance, in order to avoid accidental collision led to the frame or lock body damage;
(3) fingerprint readers should avoid hard objects in daily use (including nail) scratches; Use after a long time, acquisition panel surface dirt grease stains, if any, please use dry soft cloth wipe gently;
(4) of the hand please don't hang heavy things, otherwise it will affect the lock structure, in turn, led to the decrease of the flexibility when opening the door;
(5) If the lock body rotation is not flexible or cannot return correctly, please contact the h.s. Dillon staff for the lock body add mechanical lubricating oil.

(1) prohibit lock surface contact with corrosive substances, so as not to damage the lock protective cover, lock the glossiness. In order to protect the lock on the surface of the body surface gloss, please use the "furniture care spray wax" clean regularly。
(2) a hand is a key part of the switch lock, do not on hold hands hanging objects。
(3) if the door deformation, can make the latch into the door button box of friction is too large, cannot be fully extended, should adjust the door gusset plate location at this time。
(4) after the battery power shortage alarm, please immediately replace the battery, and be careful not to across the electrodes of the battery pack. Please replace the same brand of 4 section 1.5 V alkaline battery, old and new batteries to mix or using the alkaline battery will damage your locks!
(5) regularly check whether the screw is loose, whether a hand is loose, so as not to affect the normal use of the door。