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If you purchase the product, use and maintenance, etc. have any questions, call the service hotline 400-800-8370 contact us. You will get a satisfactory answer detailed and thoughtful service.
  • Free warranty period and scope01
  • Paid warranty service scope02
  • Service support03

Under the regulations, using state, such as product quality problems caused by non-artificial reason, you can by the product warranty card to enjoy the following services:
01|Since the date of purchase, within 10 days (including) enjoy the original seller return service;
02|30 days from the date of purchase (including), enjoy the original seller free replacement is the intelligent electronic lock service;
03|Within one year from the date of purchase, you have YANDON company or its authorized service agencies of free maintenance service。
Note: the above warranty scope does not include the card damage and loss of the wear and tear of casing, buttons, and battery consumption。

When you buy YANDON's intelligent electronic lock in one of the following circumstances, free warranty service failure, YANDON and its authorized service will be subject to the inti long paid service fee charge::
01|More than product free warranty;
02|The user to tear open the lock, repair, modification, or by our authorized service agencies for maintenance caused by the fault;
03|No valid warranty card (to prove that except the machine in the free warranty);
04|Due to force majeure (such as natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning, etc.) caused by the damage;
05|Damage caused by human factors: including abnormal working conditions (such as strong magnetic field, electric field), not according to the requirements of the product's instructions to use;
Damage, due to the door and door accessories (except the door) fracture or drop, distortion caused by quality problems, such as lock position deviation, the open problems。
Note: in the process of providing paid services, such as YANDON company or authorized service agencies not informed in advance fees or not in accordance with the charge standard, you have the right to complain to its, YANDON
company after thorough check will return when time all service charges。

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