Brand story

Caress attentively, moved with love

According to legend, in Zurich, Switzerland, there is a magic castle, it can head off a blessing to the world. But it is strange that the classical magnificent castle at the age of no one, but all indoor items, clean and has a window with a spotless.

Originally during the civil war, Switzerland, Zurich was terror has, let people in hot water in the war, until her divine power of the hero the h.s. Dillon, he cannot bear to see the world from warfare, determined to transfer the people to his own castle, to save the people, people call the h.s. Dillon as the god of justice, but don't know he is the son of the demon curse: if he be kind will follow. The hero lay dying, he promised to the world: I use the life to protect the castle, as long as into the castle, will be safe. From then on, the castle become faith of the locals and shelter, residents from generation to generation of happiness, in honor of the god of justice inti, the residents also spontaneously to protect the castle.

To caress attentively, moved with love. Today, the h.s. Dillon is bearing the belief, continuation of the Swiss exquisite production technology, use of science and technology intelligence, through fingerprints, facial recognition technology opens a new era of smart locks, lock every happiness, guard every family!

Company profile

YANDON (inti) brand was born in Switzerland, rigorous, precision, innovation, focus on door lock manufacturing for 20 years, is a professional engaged in high-end intelligent lock design, development, production, sales for the integration of modern enterprise. Along with the development of The Times, the British Mr Dillon constantly pioneering spirit, innovation, in the field of door lock hardware has always been adhering to the Swiss style seiko spy every lock, with a strong design, research and development team and abundant capital, always walk in the front of the security, fashion, digital intelligent development.

"Quality is rigorous, the quality reputation, credibility and development" business philosophy to the h.s. Dillon stick to Swiss watch making technology, personnel training and testing process, enterprise quality management system certification China fire prevention and anti-theft examination authentication and so on multiple quality certification, and have a core component, structure, process, such as appearance design patents.

Inti long always uphold the "step more than satisfied with the" spirit of service, always adhere to the dedicated to making intelligent security, precision is rigorous, intelligent lock products quality is famous in the world. The h.s. Dillon, create top lock brand, leading intelligent life trend!


Trend of intelligent locks:

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, as well as high real estate boom, China has made rapid development, intelligent household industry also gradually penetrated into daily life. Smart home as a new generation power rise, with infinite originality is convenient to change the qualities of our living. Digital home, antibacterial switch, actinic lighting, intelligent switches, intelligent home systems are show: smart home era has come!

Intelligent lock also with a number of intelligent household supplement each other, is an indispensable component in the future home.

Brand development in the future

Category positioning: intelligent security experts
Brand objectives: intelligent security experts do locks field
Brand vision: let YANDON (inti) become synonymous with intelligent security experts

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