Swedish tabulation process

Obedience to the watch-making technology from Switzerland Be great at quality, and feel at ease

Swedish FPC fingerprint readers

Adopt Swiss FPC ngerprint collector which is used by brand bank all over the world, is extremely safe.

open with 0.5 seconds

0.5 second point contact opening world’s leading living creature (ngerprint) recognition algorithm technology

High strength TG sensor

High denition and high strength TG sensor display screen which will give you a sensitive experience No marks left, easy to clean, hard enough, wear-resistant, high security

Saw, pry collision prevention design

Sawing-resistant, tamper-resistant and anti-collision design Safe, and 90% of security doors can be installed quickly

Human voice

Smart peep-proof design, and hypocritical password has a good safety performance

K + K double safe mode

Double safe mode K+K technology The lock can be opened only by dual verication (password input + ngerprint scanning),and it has entirely improved safe admittance criterion

Human voice

Remind in human voice all the time, easy to use and more convenient

Intelligent awaken

Automatically locked

Super grade C key

Lock body stainless steel precision casting

Nano coating design

Super lock body

Low pressure alarm