• Product Specifications
  • Standard Parameters
Model Number: S-6805
Configuration: Fingerprint/Password/MFE Card/Mechanical Key
Opening Function: Anti-lock Function/Peep- proof Function/Keyboard
Safety Function: Lock-up Function/National Standard Anti-theft Lock Body
Alarm: Low Pressure Alarm/Tamper Alarm
Display Screen Management : User Settings/System Settings/Query Record
The main function of the configuration:
Key Openin
MFE Card
Size: 380x78x30(mm)
Selective Color: Red Bronze, Green Bronze
Way of Opening Door: Fingerprint/Password/Mechanical Key
Main Material: Stainless Steel/ Tempered Glass
Fingerprint Capacity: 90
Password Capacity: 30
Fingerprint+Password Capacity: 30(Safe Mode)
Password Length: 6-12 digit password total 20 hypocritical password
Working Power: 4 1.5V batteries- can intall two sets
Emergency Power: 9V DC battery
Working Temperature: -20℃to 55℃
Relative Humidity: 15% to 90%RH
Type of Suitable Doors: Wooden Door, Security Door, Copper Door
Thickness of Suitable Doors: 40mm to 120mm