Company profile

Born in Switzerland which is known for preciseness, precision and innovation, YANDON has specialized in the manufacturing of door lock for 20 years. It is a modern enterprise which integrates design, development, manufacture and sale of professional high-end smart locks. Developing with the time, YANDON constantly innovates and makes progress and in the eld of the industry, it makes every lock carefully according to Swiss manner and with the supporters of powerful design and R&D team and abundant capital, YANDON is always at the front of the safety, fashion and digital intellectualization development.
The business idea of “seek quality by preciseness, seek reputation by quality, seek development by reputation” makes YANDON sticks to the workmanship of Swiss watches, personnel training and detection process, and YANDON has got many quality certicates such as Quality Management System Certication, China Fireproong and Anti-theft Test Certicate etc. and owns many patents in core components, structure technology and appearance design.
YANDON insists the service spirit of “one more step than satisfaction forever” all the time, devotes itself to manufacturing safe, precise and world-renowned smart lock products. YANDON, makes top brand, and leads smart life trend.